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Dr. Aric Butler

Dr. Butler graduated high school in 1990 where he was heavily involved in sports and community service. Dr. Butler attended Gadsden State Community College and Auburn University before entering Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Butler graduated from Life 1996.

Dr. Butler came to Lexington immediately following graduation from Chiropractic School. He was unsure where he was going to spend his career and after a 6-month trail basis he decided to purchase Lexington Family Chiropractic. Dr. Butler fell in love with the North Alabama area and Lexington especially. Dr. Butler was treated like a long time friend and family member immediately. The small town atmosphere was a great attraction to Dr. Butler and he decided to make it his home. After almost 12 years of practicing in Lexington he feels like there is no place like home other than Lexington, Alabama.

Dr. Butler has many goals in mind with his practice to run a quality practice is very important but there is so much more involved than just treating patients. He tries to involve himself in the community and considering himself a friend to everyone as well as a treating physician. “It is amazing how much more information you are able to receive from the patients when they know you actually care.”

Dr. Butler has found a special passion for treating young athletes. The athletes are the ones who are going to put out that extra something to be successful. These young people are our future. We need to embrace them, support them, and care for them. Not to mention they are the ones who actually need to keep their spines in line. We love to enhance their potential. The old saying goes ”As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” It is much easier to prevent and protect a young one, rather than waiting til the pain and problems come later in life.

Dr. Butler prides himself in being able to provide a state of the art exercise/ fitness facility (DOC'S GYM.) By having the facility in the same building with his practice he is able to make available the rehabilitation or preventive exercise routines that is needed to enable the patients in the treatment they deserve. This aspect also aids in the spinal maintenance of Chiropractic care. We are going to keep this town and surrounding areas alive and well. Favorite quote: “You never know how far reaching something you may say, think, or do today that will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” You will see the passion he has for what he does as soon as you meet Dr. Butler!

Techniques perform: Full-Spine, Diversified, Thompson Drop, and Active Release Technique.

Dr. Aric Butler

9993 Highway 64
Lexington, AL 35648

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